Sean Glasser was born in Jersey City, as the youngest of three brothers. Through the lessons his parents instilled in him and his hard work he went on to earn the coveted Vice-Presidential nomination to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, one of only 2 per year. Sean would later transfer to Seton Hall University on a full academic scholarship to major in Criminal Justice with hopes of being an FBI Agent.

During his sophomore year, Sept 11 shocked the nation and especially impacted Sean, living less than 10 minutes from the World Trade Center. As the world grappled with the realities in the weeks to follow, Sean found purpose in raising money for the NYPD and FDNY funds through the sale of memorial related apparel on eBay. Even though this experience was for charity, it gave Sean his first glimpse into the world of online selling. A few months after the charity work ended like any broke college student, Sean started looking for ways to make extra cash while in school.


Sean discovered a company selling Tirefly wheel lights that would screw onto the valve stem of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars and within short order began buying and selling their items on eBay. Through hard work, attention to detail and a knack for marketing, Sean was able to dominate the eBay landscape and grow his modest business, all while attending class during the day.

 As the years went on Sean balanced earning his Criminal Justice degree with this side business by working late nights (sometimes through the night) and offering potential customer’s discounts for leaving voicemails when he was in class. As graduation neared, he approached his college friend, Sage Katakura, about joining him and opening their own print shop.


 Sean and Sage opened up shop in West New York, NJ, not knowing a thing about printing. They spent 80-100-hour weeks learning how to print, how to best pitch their items to customers, how to market online and just all the fundamentals of business. There were many hard years with them making only $100 a week in pay, sacrificing their early 20s working in the office when their friends would be at happy hour and at the bar. Little by little they started gaining the trust of bigger brands building a loyal base of 40,000 customers, including Google, Nike, Netflix, Disney, and the NFL.

Today Sean Glasser and Sage Katakura are the CEO and President, respectively, of the company they started with only $600 in college. Having sold tens of millions of dollars of items they truly achieved what every entrepreneur hopes to while bootstrapping it the whole way. The future is bright as they continue to expand their inventory and are opening a new corporate headquarters in Montclair, NJ.