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Dreams and passions change; Sean Glasser, a previous FBI agent hopeful turned entrepreneur, is living proof. As a young adult, he earned the vice-presidential nomination to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He went on to Seton Hall University on a full scholarship and studied Criminal Justice with the dream of becoming an FBI agent.

When the events of September 11, 2001, unfolded, Sean Glasser was in his sophomore year of college and lived less than 10 minutes from the World Trade Center. He was drawn to act and raised money for NYPD and FDNY through selling memorial apparel on eBay. This experience gave Sean his first taste of online selling and he began to seek additional ways to make money during his studies. He sold Tireflys through eBay and eventually partnered with a college friend, Sage Katakura, to open their own print shop.

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Tips for Those Looking to Start Their Own Business

Every business starts as an idea but not every idea is a good one. It is important for you to understand the playing field you will be entering. Who are the competitors? What are their offerings? Can you compete head to head or via an underserved niche? Is there enough demand? Is there room for you to make a profit doing it?

Sean Glasser On The Art Of Scaling A Startup

Scaling a startup is an art. Many entrepreneurs believe that they cannot go into business without loans or seed funding from an entity that may want equity in their company. There are ways to nurture a startup company that do not require taking debt or giving equity away.

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“I have had a lifelong entrepreneurial mindset. When 9/11 happened, I looked for a way to provide funds for the families of fallen police and firemen by selling memorial apparel. This wasn’t for financial gain, but it really sparked my interest and helped me see the opportunity of online sales.”